Why some home owners say that a spa is a “must have” while others disagree

First we need to define what is meant by a “spa”.In South Africa many pool owners commonly refer to a spa as a “jacuzzi” which was the first company introducing a hot tub or bath with massaging jets to the local market. Jacuzzi is a well-known trademark belonging to Jacuzzi.

Thus, “spa” is the generic name for Jacuzzi in the same way that “sportscar” is for a Ferrari

Therefore, a swimming pool with a spa mean that a dedicated area with massaging jets; comfortable seating and warm water is added separately to the pool.  Normally only the spa-water will be heated to +-32 Degrees Celsius while larger pool area will be cold.

Spa pool design

Alternatively, smaller pools that Incorporate both seating;massage jets and heating; all in one are called a spapool. The typical size of a spapool is less than 5m x 3m with a depth of 1,2m.


Benefits of a spa are:

  • Soaking in 38 degrees Celsius warm water for 25 minutes help to produce relaxation and decrease anxiety according to as study by M.D. Becker from the Washington State University.
  • Combine the warm water with hydro massage provided by high-pressure water jets which reduce physical tension and some spa-owners will claim that you have a winning combination that improves your general health.
  • Hydrotherapy also reduce chronic pain caused by arthritis and other conditions caused by poor blood circulation, thus relieving pain. Patients with heart conditions also benefit hugely from improved blood circulation
  • Now, for many people the most important benefit is in the entertainment value of spas.  Warm water is a great place to socialize a relax

Disadvantages of a spa:

  • Maintenance and cleaning of a spa can be a distraction, but if the filtration system is sized properly and provision for a bottom-suction-point is made, the hardest part is to brush the seats weekly or more often to remove dust
  • Cost of heating the water is definitely a disadvantage, but can be minimised when a solar spa heating system is installed.